Blender 2.8 Finally Released!

blender logo

It’s a big deal.

A really big deal.

This release has been years in the making. This is a full re-write of our beloved Blender and it is now a completely new piece of software – and it is being noticed.

I think Blender is quite likely the most powerful story telling application we have ever seen. It so much more than that even. It can do pretty much any graphical task and this latest release a whole new set of tools to build upon.

The entire industry seems to have taken notice. Suddenly, studios are actually investing in Blender development, rather than what has historically been mostly open source advocates and the like.

With all that said, Blender is not for everyone. It is a piece of high powered software that does take a considerable commitment to learn, even with all the work the development team has put into making this latest release much more entry level friendly.

I encourage you to stop by the website and check out all the latest great news on one of open source’s most important projects.

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