Blender Gets 1.2M Grant From Epic Games.

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This week continues the streak of Open Source winning with my favorite of all applications getting a huge treat!

“As part of the Unreal MegaGrant Program” Epic Games gives Blender Foundation 1.2M in funding.

The grant is intended to be used to further “Professionalize” Blender. Blender plans to put the funds to use in advancing project coordination which ultimately should result in on-boarding more developers.

Interestingly, Epic Games has released the Unreal Engine for free for everyone to use – until the creator makes a profit from using the software. At that time, Unreal Engine gets a 5% royalty. Not a bad strategy. It isn’t Open Source, but it is a way to keep the barrier to entry down to pretty much nothing. This way, Epic Games only wins when its users win, and therefore has a stake in their users success.

Epic Games deserves a lot of credit for supporting Open Source in this generous way and for finding a way to keep their product open to creators from the beginning. Certainly, I would love for them to go all in on Open Source as we have seen other larger companies doing lately. But, this is good.

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