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Corteza, Open Source CRM – An Intro and Investigation into Installing and Using.

Technical Overview.

We have a good article here to start from.

This article is intended to be used to create a video about installing and using Corteza on a self hosted machine serving multiple subdomains.

This is going to take a few lessons in Docker containers, which I am not very familiar with at the application level.

All of this information and that which follows will be covered in detail in the final article and accompanying video.

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool to keep track of all the activities related to your customers (I would rather use the word client).

A CRM is particularly useful for long term relationships because you can keep track of all sorts of data and set important reminders well into the future with all the associated data at hand. A good CRM also has good analytics and reports as well as an array of other useful tools, which we will look into at depth as we go.

I’m using as an example domain. is my little media production company that compliments my brand.

This production company needs two types of collaboration software: project/ file management (NextCloud) in order to collaborate with clients and other artists and a good Customer Relation Management (CRM) to manage relationships and tasks related to clients.

For the CRM, we are going to try out Corteza.

I want to run NextCloud and Corteza on different subdomains of using the same machine running here at my home office. NextCloud is already running on and I’ll put Corteza on

Next in this series.

The next article will detail the installation and settings to self host Corteza alongside NextCloud on thier own domains. At this time, we expect this will require a reverse proxy specific to Docker use and each install will be instances running in their own Docker containers. will host the technical details on how to do this and will produce marketing media after all the technical issues are well addressed.

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