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WordPress editing in changing. Gutenberg is here.

I have switched to the optional Gutenberg editor in some of my websites as a test. My first response is that I really like the new way of editing. If you happen to be familiar with other page builders like Elementor and the few others, it is fairly similar to them. 

This new style of editing or page building in WordPress is using what is called blocks. You build the page by selecting what kind of block comes next in your page. It can be a header block, a video block, a divider block, or pretty much any sort of element that would go on a web page.

Those blocks can then be moved around to change the layout of the page, or you can, of course, edit the settings for each block. That is where the real power an fun of this new style can be realized. It is a very fluid method of developing a page. It appears to allow far more customization right at your fingertips than in a much more user-friendly way that the previous editing method where you would really need child themes or at least some custom CSS to make these kinds of changes in a page. 

As powerful and slick as that can be, I can only imagine how ugly more pages are likely to be as folks with no skill in design will start messing around. Maybe it will end up teaching them. It is certainly looking like the whole concept of themes in WordPress is about to see some considerable disruption as this method allows so much power to change the design that I’m not sure how themes will fit into the WordPress environment going forward. 

Here is why I’m posting this test-

It appears that this Gutenberg plugin, which is going to be a standard component soon, is not currently completely baked. As I was writing several articles to be scheduled for future posting, I noticed that it didn’t seem to be using my permalink structure. It’s hard to tell if that would change when published – hence this test. 

I like it, so I hope it works, but my permalink structure is far more important than switching now.

So, lets find out…

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