Update: Still Working on Migrating all Web Apps to Docker

DiggnDeeper into voluntary solutions.

Last week, I decided that I want to convert my NextCloud instance (which is currently a snap package) running on my home office production server to run in Docker containers so I can also run any assortment of other web apps to try out and develop with.

That is what this channel is supposed to be largely about…

I tested a few different apps like the new Corteza CRM, NextCloud, WordPress and SuiteCRM to get the feel of running Docker apps.

That exploration has lead to at least a cursory introduction to using Docker containers. This is a whole new tech for me, but all-in-all they seem to make a lot of sense. Mostly, I just need to get a better feel for how the components work together. Sometimes, when things are this flexible, they can be so ambiguous that they are difficult to grasp.

Each of the apps was a challenge to get going in Docker for different reasons, but I struggled through and learned a lot. I learned that there is a lot more to learn, of course.

The whole time I was working on learning all about those apps and using Docker containers, volumes and what-nots, I was backing up my fairly massive NextCloud file system and the other data that has been collecting on that app. I use NextCloud a lot in my Flying-Higher productions. It’s perfect for that.

Anyway, that is all backed up and I now have a feel for using Docker to deploy some of the technology I want to use, so now its time to bring it all up on my production server, tweak and go live.

I have been compiling notes and information along the way and I hope to be able to create something that is far more useful for bringing up these services than what I have found.

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