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Could LBRY and Hive make a dBaby?

This has been a fantasy of mine for a long time.

They are both young beautiful, hard working and generous beyond expectation, but they seem to hardly throw each other so much as a friendly glance. Although they are still young, I have watched them both grow into the promising young prospects that they are today.

I’ve Tweeted about it to both of them like a good overly involved friend and thought about it and now might be the time to get them to go out for dinner.

LBRY has recently rolled out a major release and one of their major projects now is adding comments. What could be better than Hive for that?

It seems to me that with LBRY’s content platform and Hive’s comment and curating platform and add in all the decentralized and censor resistant goodness, that would automatically out perform sites like… you know.

I have approached LBRY through their Discord channel, but I feel like I’m annoying them more than encouraging them.

I do understand their hesitation. Users would have to have Hive accounts and “deal with all three tokens”. That statement and its clear misunderstanding makes me a bit sad.

The Hive side seems only a tad more interested, but not too much.

What do you think?

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