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Want to Easily Self-Host Web-Apps?

DiggnDeeper into voluntary solutions.

The result of the last couple of weeks worth of efforts on working with Docker is a new GitHub repo I named “self-hosted“. There you will find Docker-Compose files and documentation for self hosting all the sites you want behind a Reverse Proxy with automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

I started with Docker-Compose files, mostly files found on their official project pages and then modified for my own use. Some of them, I have hired a professional to help me with. They have all been tested as running on my server and otherwise have various modification which will be documented.

This “self-hosted” project is something I have been thinking about and researching for years, and now we have the technology to get it done fairly easily.

By “fairly easily”, I mean that if you have any knowledge of servers and Linux and have any amount of copy-pasta skills, you can do it. If you don’t, it should be rather trivial for someone (like me) to do it professionally for you.

The focus on these files is to make them easy to use and have top notch documentation. My goal is that you should be able to start with a file on our GitHub and with the documentation provided, get it up and running and customize it easily.

I want to share what I have begun to make and I hope that others might join in to help make it better, so I put it on GitHub. If you are interested in this project, please leave a comment or stop by our Discord:

There is a lot more to be done, so stay tuned!

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