What Is Keeping You From Running Linux?

DiggnDeeper into voluntary solutions.

It may be one of the more powerful things you can do for personal and societal liberty.

Yes, I do think so.

Linux isn’t worth much without the array of other open source offerings, but its a pretty rich world of free software out there.

No, free software does not mean less good. Not at all and certainly not today. Free and open software is generally more compatible than proprietary software. A great example is office suites. LibreOffice, for example, is more compatible with Microsoft Office than Microsoft Office is. Unless you are using macros in the spreadsheets, the versions of LibreOffice are compatible with many more versions of Microsoft Office.

So, my question remains. Why don’t you want to use Linux?

Is it the install? Linux is actually super easy to install. It is possible to get confused about all the options, but if you are not confident let me assure you that not only is Linux easy to install, but you can actually leave your Windows in place and install Linux as a boot up choice. In other words, you can boot to Windows or Linux at startup.

You can also just wipe your Windows and let Linux have your whole system (probably recommended, but I am biased).

Is it because you absolutely need a certain software that only runs on Windows? Well, this may be where you do have to stick with Windows – sort of. You can actually install Windows inside your Linux operating system on something called a virtual machine. It is an easy thing to do if you have a paid copy of Windows. I have done this from time to time back in the day just for specific software but I don’t ever come across the need anymore.

Is it because Linux is too difficult to use? I have to admit that I consider myself a power user and rather long in the tooth when it comes to using this stuff, but I am certain that a true beginner can log onto Linux and use it with ease. There are flavors of Linux known to be particularly well suited to beginners in that they are easy to use and ready to go “out of the box”. Linux Mint is the king of the easy and complete Linux choices out there.

What other reasons might people have to not try Linux? I want to know.

There is nothing wrong with the proprietary operating systems, but if you have the option of happily running a free and open system that has the power of reducing the harms of the State, why not?

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